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Justly Proud of Justin – A Customer Service Story

Mechanical failures have no respect for “standard business hours.” A blown circuit doesn’t check the hours posted on the door before it decides to burn out. It has its own schedule and just might decide to clock out early.

Or on the weekend.

Over one recent weekend, a breaker failure at a paper/packaging manufacturer in Louisiana left the maintenance & reliability manager scrambling for a fast replacement. It was a Saturday, and he began searching online for power distribution equipment suppliers who could solve his mission-critical problem immediately. After contacting two large national companies and receiving no answer, he found the breaker on the NSG website and reach out via our 800 number.

His call wasn't forwarded to an automated voice messaging system, but to Justin, our account manager on call.

Before our competition even responded to the customer’s inquiry, Justin had sent a quote, worked on possible flight times to same-day-air the breaker, closed the deal, and coordinated shipment with a pair of equally dedicated NSG employees, Brett and Nathan.

Problem solved, before the other potential suppliers sat down at their desk on the following Monday morning.

This is a textbook example of “the National experience” – the culture we have built at NSG over the last three decades. We are proud of Justin, Brett, Nathan, and of all our employees’ dedication to serving clients when a problem arises, no matter the day or time.


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