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Introduction to Electrical Circuits

Intro to Electrical Circuits
  • CEU Assignment0.6
  • Course NumberNCCER 26103
  • DeveloperNCCER

Course Description

This training discusses basic atomic theory. It also covers units of electrical measurement and explains how unknown values can be determined using Ohm’s law and the power equation. It also provides an overview of schematic diagrams and describes how to calculate the value of a resistor.

Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: 1 day at 8 hours

Course Objectives

  • Describe atomic structure as it relates to electricity
    a. Identify the components of an atom
    b. Compare the atomic structures of conductors and insulators
    c. Identify the role of magnetism in electrical devices
    d. Identify the basic components in a power distribution system
  • Identify electrical units of measurement
    a. Define current
    b. Define voltage
    c. Define resistance
    d. Use Ohm’s law to solve for unknown circuit values
  • Read schematic diagrams
    a. Identify the symbol for a resistor and determine its value based on color codes
    b. Distinguish between series and parallel circuits
    c. Identify the instruments used to measure circuit values
    d. Calculate electrical power

Performance Tasks

This is a knowledge-based module; there are no performance tasks.

Required Student Materials: NCCER 26103 Trainee Manual (provided as part of tuition)
Outcome Measurement: 20 Question Written Test
Grading Policy: Min. 70% to pass
Location: Lewisville, TX

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