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Insulation Theory for Electrical Testing

Insulation Theory
  • CEU Assignment0.6
  • Course Number6.0.0
  • DeveloperNational Training Center

Course Description

Introduces the new technician to and provides essential knowledge for the experienced technician on the theory and sciences associated with electrical insulation. This training covers: the characteristics of insulation materials, key terms associated with insulation (dielectric) theory, and the properties of insulating material. This training covers the various methods of non-destructive field testing for insulating material. This is a full day, 8 hour, classroom course.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in Basic DC Theory
Course Duration: 1 day at 8 hours

Course Objectives

  • Explain the three characteristics of insulation materials
  • Explain key terms associated with insulation (dielectric) theory
  • Describe the properties of insulating materials
  • Describe the characteristics of insulating materials
  • Describe the non-destructive testing for insulating materials

Performance Tasks

  • Select an appropriate Insulation Resistance Test Set to test both a 15kV cable and 480 volt equipment
  • Properly prepare and test a 15kV cable including DAR and PI
  • Properly document the insulation testing on 15kV cable
  • Properly execute and document an insulation resistance test on a 480 volt MCC bus
  • Locate and set up a DC over-potential test set and demonstrate how you would prove the test set is working properly

Required Student Materials: PowerPoint (provided)
Outcome Measurement: 20 Question Written Test / Practical
Grading Policy: Min. 70% to pass / PASS-FAIL
Location: Lewisville, TX

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