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Electrical Theory

Electrical Theory
  • CEU Assignment0.6
  • Course NumberNCCER 26104
  • DeveloperNCCER

Course Description

This training explains how to apply Ohm’s law to series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits. It also covers Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws.

Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: 1 day at 8 hours

Course Objectives

  • Calculate values in resistive circuits
    a. Identify resistances in series
    b. Identify resistances in parallel
    c. Simplify series-parallel circuits
    d. Apply Ohm’s law to various types of circuits
  • Apply Kirchhoff’s laws to various types of circuits
    a. Use Kirchhoff’s current law
    b. Use Kirchhoff’s voltage law

Performance Tasks

This is a knowledge-based module; there are no performance tasks.

Required Student Materials: NCCER 26104 Trainee Manual (provided as part of tuition)
Outcome Measurement: 20 Question Written Test
Grading Policy: Min. 70% to pass
Location: Lewisville, TX

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