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Circuit Breaker Theory for Electrical Testing

Circuit Breaker Theory
  • CEU Assignment1.8
  • Course Number9.0.0
  • DeveloperNational Training Center
  • NETA CTD16

Course Description

Introduces the new technician to and provides critical information for the experienced technician on the basic theory associated with LV and MV Power Circuit Breakers. This training covers: basic LV breaker and overload design, physics and associated math; and visual inspections, electrical testing, and applications of various types of LV and MV circuit breakers. Additionally the trainee is provided both an example LV and MV breaker to perform visual and mechanical inspections, and electrical testing.

Prerequisites: AC/DC Theory
Course Duration: 2 days at 8 hours

Course Objectives

  • Explain the different types of circuit breakers
  • Describe the acceptance and maintenance requirements for LV breakers
  • Describe the acceptance and maintenance requirements for MV breakers

Performance Tasks

  • Execute maintenance and electrical testing (secondary injection) on a provided LV breaker including all documentation
  • Execute maintenance and electrical testing on a provided MV breaker including all documentation

Required Student Materials: PowerPoint (provided)
Objective Measurement: 10 Question Written Test / Practical
Grading Policy: Min. 70% to pass / PASS-FAIL
Location: Lewisville, TX

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