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Case Studies

Case Studies

Upgrading a University's Electrical Systems

When a university in North Texas called on National Field Services, National Switchgear’s affiliate company providing engineering, commissioning, maintenance, repair, testing and training in the electrical power system industry, to repair and upgrade their circuit breakers, we came up with a service solution that was faster and more effective... Read More

Justly Proud of Justin – A Customer Service Story

Mechanical failures have no respect for “standard business hours.” A blown circuit doesn’t check the hours posted on the door before it decides to burn out. It has its own schedule and just might decide to clock out early... Read More

National Switchgear Saves The Day

A world class manufacturer of hospital operating room equipment in Montgomery, Alabama suffered a 4,000 ampere switchgear failure... Read More

Wind Energy Services

The successful operation of a wind turbine depends on the speed of the generator. It must operate at a frequency of precisely 60 cycles per second to produce electrical energy that meets the requirements of the power grid in the United States. And if the part that controls the speed of the turbine... Read More

Engineering Innovations

Project managers face many challenges when deciding how best to complete an assignment. Details including equipment costs, labor rates, site locations, and project deadlines all must be considered when crucial decisions are being made. Real estate size can also impact decisions — when the property... Read More

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